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  1. The Catalan estelada flies from the Irish Embassy in Vilnius, Lithuania. #RepublicaCatalana
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  2. - Catalan prisoners are in pre-trial detention -They've appealed this to Spanish courts - Courts are required to make a ruling in 30 days - They haven't ruled, after 365 days - Since there's no ruling, the prisoners can't appeal to the European courts - Hence the hunger strike @jordisanchezp/1068814807615324161
  3. You can't really claim to be the king in Catalonia if your approval rating is 17% and the police have to keep the people a kilometre away from you. Go home Borbó. @ester0961/1314475768114802688
  4. "Actions like this by the police, beating an elderly man, without motive, make me ashamed to be Spanish." #Proces #Tsunamidemocratic @Escinefilo/1183840067829338113
  5. But Josep! How can Kosovo have a Prime Minister if your country, Spain, doesn't recognise it as an independent country? @JosepBorrellF/1283775931383984128
  6. In any other country, a scandal whereby the state intelligence agency was operating a jihadi terrorist as an informer, right up to the day he blew himself up making bombs to detonate in Barcelona, would result in the fall of government and a raft of high-level resignations. @324cat/1151022649071611904
  7. Spain is locking up the government of Catalonia because it doesn't like the results of the elections that it forced upon us. Where is the European outcry against this assault on democracy? Why can all European citizens freely go to the polling stations, but the Catalans cannot?
  8. Spain now granting licenses to extract coral from the #CostaBrava despite Catalan moratorium on such exploitation. This is colonial plundering, environmental vandalism, a short-term thinking. It shows they see no future for Spain in Catalonia, so they're taking what they can get.
  9. Spanish Interior Minister came to Barcelona yesterday and visited an injured policeman in hospital. He declined the offer to visit three people in the same hospital who have each lost an eye to police rubber bullets. naciodigital.cat/noticia/189454/marlaska/nom/volgut/visitar/policia/ferit/sant/pau?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&territori=NacioDigital#Echobox=1571505965
  10. The only future for Catalonia lies outside Spain, as a independent country in the form of a republic. This is what the people voted for in the 2017 referendum and why Spanish courts have removed two presidents and blocked the candidacy of two more since then.
  11. Spain straying into very dangerous territory now. The highest judge in the country calls for the 'heavy hand' against the Catalan independentist movement, in front of an audience of the heads of the military. @lluis_llach/1189259731124281344
  12. Protesters making their way to Poblet monastery this morning, where the Spanish king is due to visit. The monastery and surrounding area are closed by police; nobody is being allowed within 1.5 km.
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  13. A street in Madrid named in memory of the Spanish soldiers of the 'Blue Division' who died fighting *for* the Nazis in Russia will not have to be renamed. A Madrid court ruled today that the name does not glorify fascism, which would be illegal, but just nazism, which is fine.
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  14. The blockade at La Jonquera is just metres into the French side, largely coordinated by the Catalunya Nord (Catalan population living on the French side). This avoids confrontation with Spanish police. @tsunami_dem are digging in for three days there, calling everyone to come.
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  15. Police have attacked protestors at Poblet, and the crowd are pushing back the police line. "When the people advance, the regime retreats. Democracy, republic, independence!" @Llibertatcat/1285158767005511680
  16. President Puigdemont points out that in December 2017, 45,000 Catalans marched in Brussels and there wasn't a single incident or threat to security or public order. Cancelling the event is political repression by the EU and an attack on the democracy they should be defending. @KRLS/1096483768284708866
  17. “I only regret that I had to wait so long. I’ll finally be able to feel safe in my own country.” Unlike the 13-year-old child he raped... @guardian/832478054551220224
  18. Who exactly do @adidas think are going to buy these? 'DNA Barcelona' runners with Spanish flag details. It's a pretty niche market they're chasing here. Spaniards who love Barcelona? Barceloneses who love Spain? Contrarian trolls? Clueless guiris?
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API